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The Silhouettes is the backlash of melodiousness and musical individualism against the totalitarianism of multinational music industry. The Silhouettes was founded in 1999 and the last gig so far was in winter 2001. After that the band had an off-season for two and a half years. After the total break The Silhouettes reunioned a few times sporadically for recording sessions from which their first album Rautalankarenessanssi were collected.


After the last recording sessions of Rautalankarenessanssi it took nearly two years before the band in a reformed line-up was ready for the first training sessions in a sweltering day of July, 2008. It naturally took time to start all over, but finally things started to roll again. After a few training sessions, as might be expected, the band members started to think about recording the new material. That was the start of the new and exhausting ultramarathon that did not end until September 2010. As an outcome, the second album of The Silhouettes, The Ocean of Sunken Dreams, was released in October 2010.

The new line-up of the Silhouettes is as follows:

Eero Pätäri lead guitar
Peter Jörgensen rhythm guitar
Per Former bass
Mika Ryhänen drums


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